Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Logic vs. Emotion

Is it ever really possible to make decisions solely based on logic? I often wonder how dominant people's  emotions are in their decision making. I started to really ponder about how big of a part emotions play in the many alternatives we have to choose from every day, here are my findings:

When trying to make decisions logically I find that in almost every situation we try to exclude emotion all together. It is almost like we start to list the pros and cons of whatever situation we are in and begin to weigh out the options. Our goal is to be rational and ultimately make the correct decision. I think that when making decisions based on logic it is easier to start to doubt the decisions that we make (probably because our emotions keep messing with the process). This seems dumb to me because it is like the mathematical way of making a decision. We plug in every variable, consider each side and after processing every option, the answer comes out. It should be very clear, but why, sometimes, is it not that easy? Maybe if the only person involved in the outcome is you it is that easy, but what happens when other people that might be influenced or effected by your decision are inserted into the equation?

I believe that emotional decision-making is the most common type of decision-making. It is usually the fast type of decision-making that we use when we are in heated arguments or when we are faced with immediate danger. In the case of making decisions while arguing, doubt is usually replaced by regret (when time is given to think logically), which usually leads to an apology (in good situations).

Another type of emotional decision is based on love. This, I think, is the dangerous kind of decision-making. In every situation that I have been in where I have made a decision based on the emotion of love I have ended up in the same place I was before I made the initial decision: nowhere. I then turn to logic, which does me no good because of the doubt that I experience at the conclusion of that decision-making process. I am thus left dazed and confused, which leads to the scariest kind of decision-making, which is based on dubiety. The best thing to do is avoid emotional decision-making when your emotions are somehow attached to the outcome. When you really want something to happen, you start to rationalize in order to get that something. This is when you should use someone else's logic. Ask a friend.

I have found that every person makes decisions differently. When I told Zach that I was going to be writing about logic vs. emotion, he responded by saying "so, boys vs. girls?" I laughed really hard because for one, I didn't think of it that way, and two, it was funny. I don't necessarily think that boys think logically and girls think emotionally. In most cases it is probably true, but whether you are a boy or a girl, logic and emotion are both used in the important decisions that we make in our lives, like when we are trying to decide where to go for school, what we should be studying, what we are going to be doing as a career for the rest of our lives, who we should be dating, or even bigger, who we should be marrying. I have found that even though I try to make my decisions based on logic, my emotions always win in the end. I hope that doesn't make me girly.

Anyways, whenever you are in a situation where you cant possibly imagine making the wrong decision, never forget the ultimate solution is to pray. Alma said it right when he said "Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good." When making a decision based on prayer, you can't go wrong, I promise.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Family and Future

I will be going to school full time this next semester. I don't know how excited I am. I feel like I am going to be missing out on all the fun adventures that are going to be going on in Las Vegas while I am here. Zach and Amber will be there for the summer with their cute little kids and I wont be there for Cadence to crush on. This reminds me of all the fun that we had as a family last year. I was just looking at some of the pictures. 

I have also been playing the guitar a lot lately. I have even been writing some of my own stuff. When I say that I have been writing my own stuff, that just means that I have been making crap up. I actually have never written anything down. Did you know that no word in the English language rhymes with "month?" Even after telling you that, almost everyone who reads this will try to find a word that will. 

Today was my last day of classes until finals. I have a final next tuesday and then my last one is in the first week of May. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be prepared, but that wont stop me from passing. Somehow I always manage to surprise myself, and everyone else who knows how unmotivated I am right now.

It is 48 degrees outside right now, which sucks because yesterday it got up to 80. Right when we all thought that spring was here, nature takes it back. I was riding home from class on my scoot about 30 minutes ago when it started to hail on me.  At the time I was only wearing my goggles, so the hail was hitting my face at 50 mph. It felt like little needles sticking into my face. I had to stop and take out my helmet before I could go on. Even after I put my helmet on the little frozen bullets were pelting my neck. I endured for the 8 blocks that I had left. 

I have a new fetish...I have recently found that I love Sudokus. Don't be fooled, I still love
 crosswords, but I have entered into a new realm of these chinese games of numbers. Here is one that you can enjoy:

Anyways, just a brief summary of how things are going: I love Salt Lake and I have found the essentials of happiness: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. Hopefully you are loving what you are doing because what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man (or woman) and the life he (or she) leads? 

Monday, April 7, 2008

Estoy Agobiado Bajo El Peso De Las Graves Dificultades Que Se Presentan En La Vida.

My schedule has been pretty full the last couple of weeks. I have been working almost non-stop and school takes up some time too.  Oh, and the never ending search for a girl that can put up with me is pretty time consuming as well. 

I will start with a funny least I think it is funny:

Just last week I started hanging out with a guy in my ward whose name is Brandon Flint (He is a really good photographer. You can see some of his work here). Anyways, he invited me to go to dinner at The Garden, which is a nice little restaurant at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building. 
The girl that he is dating (Dana) wanted him to come in to see her/get something to eat but he didn't want to go alone. I told him I would go right after he told me that she would give me free dessert. After we ate it came time to leave a tip and I asked Brandon how much we should give. He told me that he was going to leave ten dollars so I said that I would match his ten dollars...After a long pause and him giving me a weird look I asked if I should leave less, he replied by saying "yes." I was okay with that...we both win, I save 5 bucks and he looks good. The only person that loses is Dana, but she didn't know. It was funny.

I had a mission reunion this past Friday. My mission president flew in from Honduras for the reunion and General Conference. I met up with him, his wife and some random mission buddies here in Salt Lake. I spent a couple of hours touring the church sites near temple square. We then parted ways for a couple of hours and met back up in Orem for the reunion. There were a lot of people that showed up, I was impressed. Some time was given to Presidente Valladares and his wife to speak. I felt like I was back in the mission again, it was so weird to see him standing in front of us giving us life advice. He talks in such a way that solicits attention, I love listening to him speak...I learn a ton. We finished the night by taking Pres and his wife to Denny's, He ordered the T-bone steak and eggs. We had Ex-Elder Hyde pay.

Conference was amazing. I actually watched the sessions on saturday minus Priesthood, I had to work. I even took notes on what the speaker were saying. The only thing that I was missing were my mommy's cinnamon rolls. I have been craving them all weekend.

FYI: I cried during President Monson's last words. I love him a lot.

The crossword girls name is Michelle. Now that I have her name, I can get her number...I am trying to take this one slow. Ha ha, two weeks to get her name and another week to get her number. I'm thinking by 2010 I will be ready to meet her parents.