Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Out With The Old; In With The New

Two weeks ago I hit one year of living in Salt Lake City. I have spent the last several minutes thinking about what kinds of things happened during 2008 and I'm pretty sure it was the worst year I have ever lived. That doesn't mean that the whole year was horrible, it just means that most of it was. I don't need to go into detail about it because most of the people that read this blog already know what kinds of crazy things I had to deal with the first several months of last year, but I do want to express some of the great things that happened while I was here in Salt Lake.

I got a job with the biggest valet company here, Valet Parking Services. On Sunday I reached my year mark in being employed by them. I have really enjoyed my job managing the valet at the world famous Hotel Monaco. I have made friends that are fun to work with and have also helped me learn certain things about myself that have aided me in improving my
 "people skills." I only say this because my "people skills" haven't exactly been great in the past. I am a very patient person most of the time. There are just a few things that I still need to
 work on. I hate it when people ask me if I know how to drive a Toyota Prius.
I also get annoyed when people ask me if they can trade their 1993 Geo Metro for the brand new Chevy Camaro.

I went to school for a semester last year and really enjoyed my time there. I attended the University of Utah in the Communications department studying Public Relations. After
 going for a semester paying out-of-state tuition I decided that it was way too expensive to attend as a non-resident, so I decided to wait until I reached all the requirements to become a
 resident before going back to school. I am still waiting for those requirements to be met but am hopeful that this coming summer I will be a full time student once again.

There is a billboard here in Salt Lake that has a picture of Albert Einstein on it...

When I see it I think about how I am as a student. I don't really consider myself to be a dummy, and even though I don't think I would ever make it in this world without an education, this billboard makes me feel like I could just drop out of school and build atom bombs. Confidence: Pass it On.

Anyways, something else happened last year that was awesome. Audrey got married to a guy that really knows how to handle her very rambunctious (adj.-difficult to control or handle; wildly boisterous) personality. I am really glad that she is happy and has found someone that can take care of her, so that I don't have to anymore, he he.

The year ended really well. I got to go home for a week during Christmas. It was really great to be able to see my family. It isn't often that I get to do that anymore. Zach and his family were down there for a few weeks so I got to spend a little time with my niece and nephew, which was good. They got to meet Santa Claus, who I just recently learned is my huh?

The new year has brought me a new opportunity to change. 
I have really wanted to become a nicer person. I read through all the journals that I own and found that being nicer has been a goal of mine every year for the good part of the last decade. A code has been put in place for all who want to help me follow though with my goal this year. If I am ever being mean to you, all you have to say is "2009 is your year." When I hear this phrase I will do one of two things, I will either explain why I think you are wrong in thinking I am mean, or I will instantly apologize.

I spent the first few hours of the new year with friends that I have made in my ward. Some of those that were present were Bitty Engstrom and Carlee Jenkins, who have found themselves on my top 5 list of people I enjoy spending time with. Now that I have announced that I have a top 5 list of people I enjoy spending my time with some of you might be asking yourselves who is #1 on that list...well, it's no riddle.

...or is it?