Thursday, February 28, 2008

5 Down, 1 to go

After just over a year of this blogging epidemic started by Zach, I have been infected with the desire to start one of my own.

I just spend the last 30 minutes studying how each one of my siblings started their own blogs and found some interesting things. Zach started his blog on the 23rd of February of last year by saying it was just a "trial basis." Little did he know what kind of effect he would have on others by inspiring them to start their own blogs. Just a little side now, pay close attention to the dates each blog was started. Jessica started hers on July 30th. Her blog started with her saying it was inspired by the success of Zach's blog. She liked the idea of sharing family happenings and fun facts. Just 2 days later the blogging virus hit my little sister Audrey. On August 1st Audge bloDgE was born. She thought that writing a blog while at the same time being interesting wouldn't be as hard as she originally thought it would be because "if everyone found Zach's life interesting enough, then you will be very easy to please." Not much time had past when Eliza's blog came to be. The date was September 28th. She thought that writing a blog would force her to make her life more interesting as to not bore her audience. She also wanted to share her thoughts on the many movies that she sees. It is now February 28th of 2008. Now, if we look at the dates of when each blog was started we will find a very interesting pattern. Zach started his at the end of February. 5 months later Jessica got one, which created a cluster effect in which Audrey and Eliza both created their own. From Eliza's at the end of September until now, 5 months later, we have successfully created a chiasm. All within a period of one year. Cool huh?

Now, I have decided to start my own blog at the request of several of my friends and family members. The pressure from my peers overpowered my ability to fight against them any longer. If you can't beat them...Blog.

Zach, Eliza, Jessica, Audrey and I have done it...5 down, 1 to go...C'mon Mikey.